As the owner of a licensed plumbing company do you care about…

  • The City taking aggressive action against unlicensed firms?
  • The City taking aggressive action against licensed firms who violate the Plumbing Code?
  • A construction company or real estate owner hiring a single plumbing licensee to over see their own employees rather than retain a plumbing firm?
  • City agencies creating unnecessary administrative burdens on licensed plumbing companies?
  • The industry providing educational seminars (City filing procedures, insurance costs, contract liability terms, technical training, Federal/State EEO requirements, etc?)
  • Receiving “up to the minute” changes in City rules and procedures?
  • The plumbing industry fostering a close relationship with important elected officials (Governor, Mayor, City Council Speaker, Chair of the Housing and Building committee, Chair of the Environmental Protection Committee, etc?)
  • The City enforcing the law requiring the installation of backflow devices.
  • Authorizing unsafe/unreliable materials and systems for use in NYC (e.g. plastic pipe, pro vent, pipe lining, flexible gas piping, etc?)

Plumbing Foundation City of NY Membership

The Plumbing Foundation City of New York has been the leading voice of the industry on these issues and more. Commencing September 1, 2011, Plumbing Foundation will be accepting membership applications. Upon invitation, any licensed firm in the City will have an opportunity to apply for membership.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Subscription to the Pipecaster
  • Email distribution of monthly Plumbing Foundation newsletter
  • Immediate update on important changes at DOB and DEP
  • Dinner membership meetings
    —Guest speakers
    —Exchange of information among colleagues to strengthen your business operations and procedures
  • Periodic educational seminars
  • Opportunity to be elected and serve on Foundation Board of Directors

Most importantly, membership will allow you to help develop the regulatory, legislative, and enforcement agenda of the Foundation.

Download Membership Brochure
Contact April McIver at (212) 481-9740 to find out more about becoming a member.

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