Important Updates

Updated 2/6/2024

Please be advised of very important upcoming changes to the requirements for Operator Qualification in Covered Tasks 86/87. Due to regulatory changes by the NYS Department of Public Service requiring practical exams for all tasks, the Northeast Gas Association has revised the task sheet for 86/87 to include an experience requirement for Task 87 in lieu of a practical examination (the practical exam for 86 is still in place). That revision requires that ANYONE with an operator qualification in CT86/87 MUST have at least 5 years of experience. This went into effect as of December 18, 2023.

See task sheet here.

NOTE: If you currently have an active OQ in 86/87, this experience requirement will ONLY be required when you are up for renewal. Anyone new to the program will need to provide experience before the 7-hour training.

To prove your experience, the following will be requested:

  1. A copy of a valid NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) issued Master Plumber License; OR
  2. A valid NYC DOB issued Journeyman Plumber Card; OR
  3. A valid NYC DOB issued Full Gas Qualification Card; OR
  4. This affidavit from the LMP employer that such person has at least 5 years of experience.

Please email if you have additional questions.

Updated 03/31/2021

UPDATE: Please be advised that the Plumbing Foundation will no longer be accepting credit card payments via Paypal as we have transitioned our billing system.

UPDATE: Please be advised that we have been informed by both Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. (“Con Ed”) and the Brooklyn Union Gas Company d/b/a National Grid (“Nat Grid”) that commencing April 15, 2019 both Utility Companies will be enforcing Operator Qualification in Covered Task 87 (conducting interior jurisdictional piping construction and maintenance activities). Only New York City licensed master plumbers (LMPs) and those working under NYC LMPs holding Operator Qualification in CT87 (i.e. they are in the Plumbing Foundation’s GOQ membership program and have obtained the e-Wallet Photo ID Card) will be accepted by the Utility Companies for certain construction and maintenance functions (Task Sheets Updated and Effective 03/31/2021).

As a reminder, Task 87 covers: “…isolation of piping systems (with approval from the Operator); purging of interior piping systems; making piping connections between interior deenergized piping systems and isolated, engerized piping systems, and constructing meter header assemblies, meter bars, and pressure regulator vent piping assemblies.”

NOTE: This is DIFFERENT than Local Law 150 of 2016 Department of Buildings gas qualification.

Any further questions on GOQ please email