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What Happened to Congestion Pricing?

Remember congestion pricing? Not surprising if it has slipped one’s mind. To refresh one’s recollection, in 2019, the New York State Legislature passed a congestion pricing… [Read more]

Water Conservation, Safety, and Welfare Series Held March 22-24

The Plumbing Foundation City of New York, Inc. hosted a three-part webinar series in which experts discussed water efficiency, Legionella prevention, and the importance of preparedness… [Read more]

Water Conservation, Safety & Welfare

Please join the Plumbing Foundation for a FREE virtual three-part seminar series March 22-24, 2022! The Water Conservation, Safety, & Welfare series will entail experts discussing… [Read more]

New Yorkers Should be Alarmed by City Council Introduction Bill Number 2317A

In the waning hours of his administration, Mayor deBlasio has misled the City Council to eliminate reliable natural gas, thereby limiting NYC to rely exclusively on… [Read more]


Pipecaster Issue 2: Vol. 45

  • Association of Contracting Plumbers Raises $129k for Covenant House
  • Plumbing Foundation Held Water Conservation, Safety, and Welfare series March 22-24
  • Update on NYS Budget, Gas Ban, and Climate Action Council
  • Warning: Plumbers Be Cautious on Experience Verification Letters
  • NYS Senate and Assembly Pass Long Overdue Modular Construction Legislation!
  • State Legislature Adopts Public Contract Price Escalation Bill
  • EPA WaterSense: New York Water Fact Sheet
  • THE PIPECASTER is published by the Plumbing Foundation City of New York, Inc.
  • Schedule for 2022 SUNY Empire / CTLTC 7-Hour License Renewal Courses