Pipecaster Supplement / End of Session Update

This is an update to an article in the recently published Pipecaster (Volume 46, Issue 2), “2023 NYS Legislative Session Wrap-Up.” As noted in that article, while the NYS Legislature had its last “scheduled” session day on Thursday, June 8th, the Senate officially adjourned June 10th but because the Assembly failed to pass a host of bills, it returned the week of June 20th. The Assembly finally adjourned on the 21st. Among the bills that now have passed both houses includes a housing bill: “Housing Affordability, Resiliency, and Energy Efficiency Investment Act” (HAREEIA) which updates and renews certain affordable housing finance programs as well as includes new authorizations to allow longer loan periods, larger loan amounts, and support new models of affordable housing including community land trusts. The legislation also would add language to certain loan authorities to allow for loans to finance childcare centers, senior centers, and other non-residential facilities.

Noteworthy bills that were not taken up by the Assembly upon its return, and therefore not passed by both NYS legislative houses this year, include the “Coverage for All” bill (passed the Senate on June 8th) which would extend New York’s “Essential Plan,” the basic state health insurance plan available to lower-income state residents, to undocumented immigrants wishing to enroll, and as mentioned in the Pipecaster, the “No Slavery in New York Act” and “Sammy’s Law.”

We continue to monitor legislation at both the State and City levels and will keep our members updated on important changes and adoptions.