Influencing Legislation and Policy 2011

Plumbing Foundation Testifies Before City Council

Supports Legislation for Backflow Prevention Devices

Plumbing Foundation Director Stewart O’Brien (second from the left) testifies before the City Council on Intro 395-A of 2009. The proposed bill (now Local Law #16 of 2009) requires that every February 1st and August 1st, DEP submit a report to the Council containing the number of facilities in each category in which one or more backflow prevention devices were installed since the previous report. This law would also require DEP to report the number of facilities in each category that DEP has newly determined require the installation of such a device and the number of violations issued for the failure to install a required backflow prevention device.

Seated center Robert Greenberg testifies on Intro. 68-A establishing minimum fines for unlicensed Plumbing and or Fire Suppression work. Intro 68-A would establish minimum civil and criminal monetary penalties for individuals who perform or advertise plumbing and/or fire suppression work without a license. Individuals who are caught will receive a $2500 fine for a first time offensive and $5000 for each subsequent violation. The Plumbing Foundation applauds the Mayor, the City Council, especially Council Member Dilan, for strengthening public safety by making it extremely costly for unlicensed violators of the Building Code to perform plumbing and fire suppression work.

The Plumbing Foundation Hosts Industry Event

Focuses on New York City Plumbing Matters

Plumbing Foundation Board of Directors and guests.