New Yorkers Should be Alarmed by City Council Introduction Bill Number 2317A

In the waning hours of his administration, Mayor deBlasio has misled the City Council to eliminate reliable natural gas, thereby limiting NYC to rely exclusively on electricity for heating, cooking, and hot water. His administration claims it is doing so in the best interests of the climate and NYC businesses and residents. Ask anyone who is a documented and substantiated expert and they will tell you that, based on the SCIENCE, electrification by 2023 or 2027 is not smart, not viable, and not “green.” The advocates for this ill-conceived plan claim to rely on science, but in fact, the science does not support a conversion to full electricity as a sustainable, green, and reliable means of powering NYC.

Intro. 2317A prohibits the use of ANYTHING but electricity. How can electricity be the savior for New York City’s climate crisis? It can’t and isn’t.

If it were the answer, the federal infrastructure bill signed into law by President Biden less than a month ago would not have invested almost 10 billion dollars into hydrogen (a gas, not electricity) as a part of the fight against Climate Change.

The advocates also either failed to mention or the City Council chose to ignore the fact that 70% of electricity production needed to supply NYC’s electric demand is currently produced using some level of fossil fuel consumption. Does that sound “green”?

If the science is there, why is a viability study under this bill due the same day the ban goes into effect in 2023? How can City Council members make an educated, informed decision without the information they need to do so?

It is irresponsible to restrict buildings from use of other green fuel sources, many of which are being developed, and instead rely solely on electricity, which is not “greener” than gas. We have seen what happens when there is no diversification. We’re not talking just about power related issues like the ones that crippled NYC post Super- Storm Sandy or the Texas grid issue this past winter. A one source approach which is not backed by science is bad for everyone (tenants, homeowners, developers, the current infrastructure, and the environment).

The City’s approach should instead be to help support and encourage all clean, green solutions, including gas, instead of relying on a short-sighted, one-size-fits-all approach.

PRESS RELEASE: Strong Concerns with NYC Intro. 2317A (gas ban legislation)
FROM: Association of Contracting Plumbers City of New York
CONTACT: Terence O’Brien 212-481-4580 /
DATE: December 14, 2021
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The Association of Contracting Plumbers of the City of New York Inc. (ACP), is a trade association of New York City licensed, unionized plumbing firms. Established in 1881, it is the oldest organization of its kind in the country. ACP member firms have built and maintained the sanitary, fuel gas, methane retention, solar heat/solar hot water, and medical gas systems in countless New York City buildings. ACP plumbing firms protect the health of all who live, work, and visit New York City.