Pipecaster Issue 05 Vol. 33

2011 License Renewal Course: Sign-Up Now!

The Construction Trades License Training Corporation’s (CTLTC) is scheduled for Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Construction Trades License Training Corporation’s (CTLTC) first and probably only course in 2011 is scheduled for June 29. Anyone seeking to renew their license in 2011 or early 2012 should register for this course. Please use the CTLTC’s website to sign up www.nyconstructiontrades.org. Completion of this 7-hour course satisfies the requirement for both Licensed Master Plumbers and Fire Suppression Contractors seeking to renew their license(s) which, under the 2008 Administrative section of the Building Code, is a three year license period. However, licensees are required to take the 7-hour course within 24 months prior to the expiration of the license.

2011 Plumbing Industry Promotion Fund
Scholarship Award Winners

2011 Plumbing Industry Promotion Fund Scholarship Award Winners

Scholarship Award Winners

The Plumbing Industry Promotion Fund of New York City holds awards ceremony for recipients of its 2011 scholarships

The Plumbing Industry Promotion Fund of New York City held an awards ceremony for the 10 recipients of its 2011 scholarships. Each Student was awarded $20,000. The Promotion Fund provides $80,000 in scholarships each year, to help defray their higher education costs over the next four years.
The Plumbing Industry Promotion Fund of New York has been awarding scholarships for 30 years. To date, the Promotion Fund has disbursed over $930,000 to more than 400 students. Participants in the Scholarship Program may attend any accrediated college, univeristy or approved technical institution in the United States and may select any course of study.
Ralph J. DeMartino, Chairman of the Promotion Fund Board of Trustees, said, “The intent of this scholarship fund is to aid the smart and motivated next generation’s desire to get a quality education. Educating the future, by getting a top notch education at some of the finest colleges and universities in the world, sadly it is a costly endeavor for young adults and their families. With the importance of higher education and the cost associated with it, The Promotion Fund hopes its scholarship fund eases the financial burden for these worthily youngsters. It is a privilege for the Promotion Fund to give back to the plumbing community through the Leonard X. Farbman Scholarship Fund.” This year’s committee consisted of three distinguished educators from the field of higher education who had to choose from over 40 applications based upon high school grades, standardized test scores and extra curricular activites.

Department of Buildings Emergency Work Process

DOB’s “Emergency Work Guidelines”

Listed below is DOB’s “Emergency Work Guidelines” from a March 2009 Information bulletin. When an emergency or hazardous condition necessitates immediate attention to protect the public or workers, Licensed Master Plumbers and Fire Suppression Piping and Oil Burner Installers may repair the condition before filing a Limited Alteration Application (LAA1). The Department has established the guidelines below to ensure contractors are aware of the required steps when conducting emergency work. The Licensed Contractor must file an Emergency Work Notice with the Department that contains the following information:

  • Address where repairs are required
  • Nature of the emergency or hazardous condition
  • The contractor’s license number, name, telephone and fax number, and/or e-mail address
  • A Statement that an LAA1 will be filed within 5 business days and if necessary, all other required forms and permits will be filed and approved within 60 days

To file an Emergency Work Notice:
Fax the notification: (212) 566-5823
E-Mail the notification: laa-pr@buildings.nyc.gov
Deliver the notification: Limited Alteration Applications Unit
280 Broadway, 5th Floor
Monday through Friday, 9am – 4pm
Questions: Call the Limited Alterations Applications Unit (212) 566-4579